Vintage Knitwear Japanese Street Styles w/ New York Joe, Tokyo Bopper, Olive des Olive, Poco A Poco, One Spo, Vivienne Westwood, Lychee & Fi.n.t

While visiting Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo, we met this group of girls sporting mixed fashion styles. From left to right, these students are: 19-year-old Zu, 18-year-old Konomi, 20-year-old Mei, 19-year-old Rica, 19-year-old Cheke, and 20-year-old Cocoro. Let’s take a closer look at their individual styles:

Zu’s all white ensemble consists of a Nike sleeveless shirt over a New York Joe turtleneck knit sweater, vintage pants, and Tokyo Bopper platform bow shoes. Her accessories include hair falls, clear glasses, handmade drop earrings and and ID necklace. Her favorite fashion brands include Mikio Sakabe, Kenzo and Vivienne Westwood. She likes the music of Mitsu and v(NEU). Follow Zu on Instagram.

Konomi is sporting a red ensemble which features a vintage red knit sweater over a white top, an Olive des Olive plaid skirt, white tights, red Converse sneakers, and a white hand-me-down purse. Her accessories include handmade hair falls, earrings, and an ID necklace. Konomi likes resale shops and Merlot, and she listens to rock music and Wanima. She is active on Instagram.

Sporting a white look, Mei is wearing vintage pieces consisting of a lace blouse over a turtleneck sweater, and a see through skirt over lace shorts from Lychee. Poco a Poco socks, metallic flats which she borrowed from her sister, a fuzzy handmade hat, clear glasses, and handmade necklace complete her ensemble. Her favorite brands are Southpaw and Granpries, and she loves the music of Ai Ootsuka. Follow Mei on Instagram.

Rica is wearing a pink cropped turtleneck sweater from One Spo, zebra print skirt from H&M, white thigh high socks, gold Jenni platform baby doll shoes, and a Vivienne Westwood heart shaped handbag. Her handmade accessories include pink hair falls and ID necklace. Rica’s favorite brands are Vivienne Westwood and Happy Berry, and she likes the music of Lady Baby and Arashi. She is active on Instagram.

Cheke, sporting colorful twin tails and hair falls, is wearing a red Chicago sleeveless top over a white knit turtleneck sweater, Big Time pants, and white Converse high top sneakers. Her accessories – mostly handmade – include hair falls, gold hoop earrings, clear glasses, and a transparent grommet belt. Cheke loves buying at resale shops and she is a fan of BTS, Big Bang and EXO. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

And lastly, Cocoro is sporting vintage items such as a turtleneck knit sweater, tan plaid pants, pink shoes from Fi.n.t., and a black handmade sling bag. Her accessories include a knit beret hat and an ID necklace, with yarns used for their show’s accessory scenes. She loves Aymmy and buying at resale shops in Koenji. She listens to the music of Chara. Cocoro is active on Twitter and Instagram.

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