Vintage Lace, Fur Hat & Jean Paul Gaultier Bag

Yoshino is a 22-year-old self-described furita. Her vintage lace top is from Odds. She’s also wearing a long vintage skirt and a black overcoat with fur collar and cuffs. Her accessories include plaid gloves, a fur hat and a pearl necklace. Her black boots feature fur cuffs.

Yoshino’s black bag is from Jean Paul Gaultier, who along with Alice Auaa is a favorite designer. She’s also carrying a Nightmare Before Christmas tote and a large black bag with a chain strap.

We ask Yoshino about her favorite music and she said she likes Dir en Grey and Cocco.
Vintage Lace, Fur Hat & Jean Paul Gaultier Bag

Fur hat, vintage top & black overcoat

Fur hat & collar

JPG & Nightmare Before Christmas bags

Large patent leather bag with chain handle

Fur-trimmed boots & vintage skirt

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  1. Very “大人っぽい”!
    Definitely a lot of sophistication there; I like the Nightmare before Christmas bag combined with it all, adds just that extra little element of fun. ^^

  2. much love for this one ^.^ love the lace with the fur!!!