Vintage Mask, Headband & Tatami Setta Sandals

We snapped this cool 16-year-old high school student in Harajuku. Aoki’s outfit has several customized elements, including a vintage mask that he wears around his neck. He’s also wearing a red tank top with a Disney graphic and blue athletic shorts. A knotted rope wraps around his body.

On Aoki’s feet are traditional Japanese tatami setta sandals. His headband also has a traditional Japanese look, but his red hair and glasses are definitely modern. His backpack is from The North Face.

You can visit Aoki’s Japanese language website here.
Vintage mask & headband

Glasses, mask & knotted rope

The North Face back pack

High school student with vintage mask

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  1. that mask is terrifying, but anyone who can wear rope as an accessory and make it look cool gets my respect. A+

  2. I find the whole look interesting,I like the mask and the rope.Has my respect too.

  3. I don’t think I would have ever thunk to have worn rope X3 it’s so odd, but he does look kinda pretty cool!!

  4. Lol I love this I love how creepy the mask is and how he made a rope a very nice accessory he is the best

  5. He’s great! I love that some Japanese Harajuku kids are taking a twist on traditional Japanese culture into what they wear. I saw the most amazing couple in Harajuku with simiar style, and wanted to take their picture but then someone who knew me came up to me and I missed my chance! Hoped they’d be on a street snap web site but I guess nobody else caught them. I was shocked!

    I love that this guy took a not so vintage Disney shirt yet made it cool. I love how the Japanese can take not so cool or wearable items and make them interesting..

  6. 16 yo? cool! modern look + traditional elements… very nice idea! I like it ^^

  7. I love how he tied rope around himself, like fuck that shit, ima wear this rope.