Vintage Purse & Knit Sweater Girl in Harajuku

This cute 19-year-old Japanese girl was photographed on the street in Harajuku. She told us that her entire outfit – a white knit sweater over a long lace-trimmed flower dress, red stockings, and moccasins – came from vintage stores. Her accessories include a hair bow, vintage purse, and furry neck warmer.

Vintage Fashion in Harajuku

Vintage Purse Girl in Tokyo

Knit Sweater & Hair Bow

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  1. She’s really pretty to be wearing grandma’s clothes.

  2. TomatoWindow

    She’s got beautiful eyes. Wondering if she made eye surgery or those eyes are “real”? No offense! Just a pure curiosity.

  3. To Tomato Window
    her eyes may be specially “done” :)…without surgery…
    Japanese have kind of glue which temporarly stick eye lids and make them look like double…haha…I have seen this in Japanese they make it
    it is part of make up procedure
    Japanese girls are make up masters
    that is amazing what they can do!
    I know because i have seen…

  4. skip the outfit she really has a great skin I think she can be pure awesome lolita

  5. The fur has got to go—it’s 2011, people, let’s try to be civilized for once–but the burgundy bow and bohemian style bag really compliment her look.

  6. You can be civilized and wear fake fur at the same time. (Just giving this girl the benefit of the doubt…)

    She looks so comfortable :)