Vintage Street Fashion w/ Floral Headpiece, Knit Cardigan, Chiffon Dress, Resale Moschino Vinyl Record Bag & Merry Jenny Heels

Catching our attention at Bunka Fashion College is Yu Tang Xie, a 20-year-old student sporting a feminine vintage inspired style.

Yu Tang Xie stepped out in a vintage outfit, which consists of a tan knit cardigan, worn off the shoulders on top of a white ruffle collar blouse with puff sleeves, and a long cream sheer chiffon dress. She belted her dress with a gold mesh belt and lacy cream suspenders, and finished off her style with glitter stockings and pink satin heeled baby doll shoes from Merry Jenny. A pink floral headpiece, gold rhinestone chain earrings, a thin silver chain necklace, a pink sheer neck scarf, and a resale Moschino round vinyl record handbag are the finishing touches to her chic look.

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