Vintage & Vivienne Westwood Leather Jackets, H&M Shirt & Skirt

Here’s a stylish couple that we met in Harajuku. The girl on the right is Miku, a 20-year-old female apparel store employee. She’s wearing a fleece-lined leather jacket from Vivienne Westwood, a top from Forever 21 and a zippered miniskirt from H&M. Her large should bag from H&M features a Samantha Thavasa charm.

Miku’s accessories include large sunglasses and an H&M rosary-style necklace. She’s also wearing black stockings and cute vintage-style boots.

Miku’s friend is Tsubasa, a 20-year-old student. He’s wearing a vintage leather jacket and vintage skinny pants with a checked H&M shirt and a v-neck vest. His brown boots and newspaper bag are also from vintage shops. His accessories include an Omega watch, Ray Ban sunglasses and a knit hat. Jewelry from Marc Jacobs and other sources includes a silver peace ring and two metal bracelets.

When we asked the couple about their favorite brands and shops, Miku said she likes Topshop, H&M, Zara and Azul by Moussy, while Tsubasa mentioned vintage shops and DoLuke. Miku also said she that her favorite music genres are house, R&B and jazz. Tsubasa said he likes jazz.

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  1. Beautiful couple!
    She kinda looks like actress Ji-Min Yun in her role as Alice Jin.