Virgin Mary, Grimoire & an another angelus

Here’s another stylish look seen in Harajuku. This cute girl is Ereeee, a fashion “hunter” for Ridsnap. Her outfit, which consists of a short dress with a pink ruffled skirt and a floral robe, is from Grimoire and The Virgin Mary (her favorite shops). Her handmade accessories include a huge tassel around her neck. She’s also wearing maroon stockings, ruffles around her ankles, and floral print clogs from The Virgin Mary.

Ereeee is carrying a rose print bag. Her purse from an another angelus (a gift from a friend) is decorated with a large heart. We asked Ereeee about her favorite music and she said it’s anisong (anime songs), Yuki and Meg. You can find out more about Ereeee on her blog.
Virgin Mary, Grimoire & an another angelus

Handmade large tassel

an another angelus heart purse

Pendant, flowers & tassel

Lace cuffs & The Virgin Mary shoes

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  1. normally I don’t really like floral patterns but this one looks really cool. Her necklaces *-* I want them! and also the “socks” she is wearing are so cute!

  2. Her shoes are fun! I don’t understand what An Another Angelus means.

  3. Tokyo Fashion <3

    I love her layering! I would get too many stares if I wore that here…..
    I can't wait to take my own street shots when I visit Japan this summer ^o^

  4. I love her tights + ankle thingy + shoes combination! I tried those ankle thingys on in a Japanese store but I think they look good only on skinny legs :(

  5. This person looks way too old to be dressing like this 0.o

  6. The model looks like she needs more sleep (or a hug), but her choice in clothes is pretty, frilly and conforming. I love it!