Visual Kei Fans in Harajuku w/ Sex Pot Revenge, Fernopaa, Strange Freak & Colorful Hair

R-shi@ hoshi no ouji and Naruse easily caught our eye while walking down the famous Takeshita Dori shopping street in Harajuku.

R-shi@ hoshi no ouji (R氏@星の王子) – on the left with lavender-pink hair – told us that she is a vampire. She’s wearing a Sex Pot Revenge jacket over a red lace Fernopaa dress, and Yosuke heeled studded platform shoes with sparkling bows. Accessories – some of which came from Kagemaru Design and some of which are handmade – include a black corset with wings on the back, eyeball hair bows, a leather choker, handcuff necklace, ice cream eyeball necklace, fuzzy animal hair accessory, earrings, studded bracelet, Vivienne Westwood armor ring, eyeball ring, and fishnet skeleton stockings. Her favorite designers include Fernopaa, Glad News, and Vivienne Westwood. She likes the music of Mejibray. For more info and pictures, follow her on Twitter.

Naruse is wearing a layered black outfit by Sex Pot Revenge – with zipper and fringe details – along with h.Naoto platform boots. Accessories – some of which came from Artemis Classic and F.A.L – include a chain necklace, a Sex Pot Revenge o-rings choker, a lip piercing, several silver necklaces, a Strange Freak ring, a silver skull ring, spike bracelet, and a Vivienne Westwood wrist watch. Naruse’s favorite designer is Vivienne Westwood. He likes visual kei, punk, and death metal music.

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  1. Candice Watson

    I love her style too, super cool and care free