Vivienne Westwood Bag & Umbilical Boots

We photographed this 20-year-old guy with red and black hair in Shinjuku. His name is Nodannu and he’s a freelance worker (or self-described furita). He’s wearing a resale t-shirt and black cotton shirt with cotton and vinyl shorts. His cool black boots are from Umbilical by Tokyo Bopper. His bag is from Vivienne Westwood. He’s also wearing a Vivienne Westwood necklace.

Nodannu likes the music of Janne Da Arc. His favorite designer is Vivienne Westwood and his favorite store is Dog.
Japanese guy with resale shirt & shorts

Japanese guy Vivienne Westwood necklace

Vivienne Westwood bag

Umbilical by Tokyo Bopper boots

Cotton & vinly shorts

Vivienne Westwood necklace

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  1. sweet. love the V. Westwood necklace and day bag.! love the pants even more! looks like pants wrapped in a ripped trash bag or like melted latex. very edgy, ne! not really diggin’ the hairstyle though…it looks a little on the crispy side. needs a little pomade, please.

  2. Where’s the red hair? No matter how bad my monitor is that looks blond, not red.

  3. I really like his look!
    I must say, his hair rather reminds me of what my boyfriend’s was like about 3 years ago! XD

  4. veeeeery nice style! pants are bit strange but fit the image ^^

  5. “His favorite designer is Vivienne Westwood…” oh, really? ; D! I loove his look! These pants are amazing – very creative <3.

  6. jesus …
    great style , and the guy is pretty ;P

  7. Romanticide

    I love how the style would only probably work on him.

  8. I love what he did with himself! very very interesting… ^_^

  9. sooo hot. love the man bag ;) his style is the best <3

  10. I love his shoes!! Great style. Vivienne Westwood <3

  11. I really do adore this look. Properly inspiring for my own style :) Need more dark male fashion ideas.

    My hair’s pretty much the same as this right now, in terms of shape, so it’s given me some inspiration as to what to dye it next.