Vivienne Westwood & Chanel vs. Patched Hat & Buckle Shoes in Harajuku

We met these two stylish 19-year-old students in Harajuku and stopped them for a few quick snaps.

The girl to the right, Sandy, studies at Bunka Fashion College. She is wearing a resale, floral print dress with a Vivienne Westwood jacket on top. Her bag is Chanel and her boots are Dr. Martens, adorned with flowers. She is also wearing a lace hat from Spinns, nose and lip piercings, and hoop earrings. Sandy told us that she likes to shop at Bubbles and Panama Boy, and that she’s into Die Antwoord, Bjork and Grimes. You can find her on Twitter and Instagram as @creamingg.

Hazuki is pictured to the left, wearing a black dress over a white shirt. She told us she received both pieces as a gift. She is also wearing a hat with a cross patch, earrings, a red belt, a black bag, floral socks and studded buckle shoes. Hakuzi’s favorite music is indie rock and nu-disco, and she’s active on Twitter.

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  1. ciel noir

    Really like the haircut of the girl on the left!