Vivienne Westwood Coat vs. Resale Polka Dot Top & Bloomers

Here are a couple of cute girls that we photographed in Harajuku. The girl on the left with the blonde bob is Marinak, a 21-year-old student. She’s wearing a black Vivienne Westwood coat with a black fringed scarf. Her white tights are printed with cherubs and her black and white shoes are from Tokyo Bopper. Accessories include some tassel trim worn around her neck and a maroon bag from American Apparel.

Kayo, a 23-year-old student, is on the right. Her colorful outfit from used clothing stores includes a polka dot sweater, leather jacket and black cotton bloomers. She’s also wearing a yellow knit scarf, black tights, plaid socks, and black shoes from K-Swiss. Her purple polka dot backpack is from Outdoor Products and she’s accessorized it with a read heart.

When we asked the girls about their favorite fashion sources, Marinak told us she likes American Apparel and Candy.

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