Vivienne Westwood & Kinji vs. Cassette Playa & Phenomenon

Here’s another stylish duo that we met in Harjuku. The guy on the right is a 19-year-old student names Ryu. He’s wearing an eye-catching graphic t-shirt from Cassette Playa with embellished camo pants from Phenomenon. His green sneakers are Vans Half Cabs.

Ryu’s accessories include a knit beanie, black hoop earring, black ring, leather wristband and studded bracelet. His graphic backpack is from Balzac.

The girl on the left with purple and pink hair, a question mark on her cheek and the word “Rock” on her lip is Aki, an 18-year-old student at Bunka Fashion College. Her outfit includes a Vivienne Westwood top and a full maxi skirt with red chiffon bow from Kinji.

Aki’s skull and crossbones backpack is from Outdoor Products and her burgundy creepers are from LaForet. Accessories from Broken Doll and other shops include a floppy felt hat, a tattoo choker and two tattoo rings, a pin made from a decorated CD, a bracelet with a felt animal head and an assortment of toys and buttons on her backpack.

When we asked them about their favorite fashion sources, Ryu said he likes Candy and Dog. He also told us that his favorite music is by Big Bang. Aki said she likes Broken Doll for both fashion and music. Radwimps is another one of her favorite groups.

Both Ryu and Aki are active on Twitter.

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  1. Whoaaaa, the Badge RADWIMPS ! Absolutely love this band.
    I love her make-up with the question mark, and I adore the skirt whith this shirt, great ensemble !

  2. Ahhh he has a Balzac bag! XD Balzac are basically the Japanese equivalent to the Misfits <3 great band!

    Also, I love how her hair matches his shirt, or his shirt matches her hair ^^;