Vivienne Westwood, Sly & Minnetonka

We met Takako in Harajuku. She’s wearing an oversized cotton jacket over a white t-shirt and black shorts. She’s also wearing stockings that feature the Vivienne Westwood logo and black Minnetonka suede moccasins.

Takako’s accessories include round earrings with silver studs and a Vivienne Westwood necklace. Her studded purse is from Sly.

Takako told us her favorite fashion brand is Hysteric Glamour.
Vivienne Westwood, Sly & Minnetonka

Oversize cotton jacket & white t-shirt

Earrings with silver studs

Studded purse from Sly

Minnetonka moccasins & Vivienne Westwood stockings

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  1. Oh my goodness! I have those Minnetonkas but in tan. =]

  2. I have that necklace! :D Not real but still lovely. <3
    Love her stockings.

  3. This girl has a very….intense look. I would of gone more soft, but the tights are interesting, though i think there is a little too much “noise” about them, they’re too busy. I like the studded earrings and purse, though I would of stuck with a jacket that stayed more themed with the purse and earrings. I think some nice high heel boots would of been great with this too. :)!

  4. Lady Caos

    I like how she mixed those tights with the rest, I probably wouldn’t know how to wear them!!!

  5. cool stockings, cool shoes and jacket…bag too…
    strong and define look…face strong too…:)

  6. aww im from minnesota where minnetonka moccasins are from, its so cute to see our shoes on someone around the world!! these used to be just dorky shoes that people like my dad wore around the house like slippers, and now they’re stylish in japan, thats so crazy.

  7. Schezerade

    i love how tired and how i-just-put-whatever-i-saw-on her outfit is!