Vivienne Westwood T-Shirt vs. Black Cat Handbag

We met this cute 18-year-old girl named Nishio in Harajuku and immediately noticed her accessories. They are a combination of handmade and purchased from Candy Stripper and the theme is Halloween. She has 2 Jack-o-Lanterns pinned to her skirt and she’s wearing long skeleton earrings. Her handbag resembles a black cat and she has a comic stuffed toy hanging from it.

Nishio is also wearing a black t-shirt with a batik image of the Vivienne Westwood logo and a short black gauze and net skirt. Her black work boots are from Dr. Martens.

We asked her about her favorite place to shop and she said Candy Stripper. She also told us that she likes the music of the ska band Gollbetty.
Vivienne Westwood t-shirt & black cat handbag

Vivienne Westwood logo top & skeleton earrings

Handmade & Cany Stripper accessories

Halloween Jack-o-Lantern pins

Long skeleton earrings

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  1. Looks cute. But those ear rings I have to say owchers if they are too heavy.
    All she needs is a cute black and purple witches had and volia the fashion statement is complete!

  2. @Tomolan I doubt the earrings are heavy as they are plastic/rubber :) probably quite light!

    I love how she looks though, it’s like she’s carrying a little bit of halloween with her all year round X3 so cute :D

  3. She is so cute! I love her simple but awesome makeup :)

  4. I love her hair, and her whole look is simple yet strikingly effective! Very cute, and I believe that the more effortless a style looks, the more skilled the person putting it together is! So mega love points for this girl. <3

  5. Madonna Lily

    I love her look, she’s perfect…
    face <3

  6. omg! she has the cutest face :) i lovee the earrings