Vivienne Westwood vs. L’Arc-en-Ciel in Harajuku

We photographed 19-year-old Saeco on the street in Harajuku a couple of months ago. She’s wearing an outfit almost entirely made up of items from various Vivienne Westwood collections. Her cute heart shoes are Vivienne Westwood x Melissa, her handbag and skirt are CHOICE by Vivienne Westwood Red Label, and some of her jewelry items – rings and bracelets – are also by Vivienne Westwood. Not surprisingly, she told us that her favorite brands are Vivienne Westwood and Choice.

Saeco’s favorite band is the Japanese rock band L’Arc-en-Ciel!

Click any of the pictures to enlarge them.

Note: This update is from a series of street snaps that were taken in the summer for a print magazine. The magazine didn’t need all of the photos, so we are running the remaining snaps here on Tokyo Fashion. Some of the styles may be more Summer than Fall, but they have never been seen before and we didn’t want them to go unpublished.

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  1. Amazing !!!!! love every thing !!!!! > jealous <

  2. Wondering, Saeco just a 19 y.o. girl, but she has those luxuries wrapping around her. She supposed to work and study hard or come from wealthy family. Good for her.

  3. man that skirt!! *________^ super-cool..hehe its cute how her shoes are slightly too big..

  4. This outfit is nicely put together!
    I love Vivienne Westwood too. :) She’s pretty much my role model.

  5. She’s cute!
    I love like all of this.
    Except I don’t really like the shoes.

  6. shes very pretty, her face and hair have a very victorian look to them. very elegant.
    im wondering the same thing as non sibi… are these very wealthy young people being shown, that they can afford designer outfits? like the japanese equivilent of the “gossip girl” crowd?

  7. Ai!!!
    ~love the jewelry & hair!

    ..’specially the hair <3

  8. why do they always wear shoes too big?
    it is funny :)
    her style is not very refine but not that bad
    gilr is cute

  9. I like it, it’s pretty cute. With a smile on her face she would reach amazing. She just looks a bit sad. Adorable!!

  10. I love her outift,and i hope this isnt too inappropriate but I love her figure!

  11. wow..
    she’s got to be loaded with money to afford all that Vivi gear! O__O;
    pretty cute jewelry, though…

    she has ears like mine! xD

  12. I absolutely LOVE her rings. The one reminds me of Aoi’s from The GazettE.

  13. I just can’t say enough about this one. I really love it!

  14. Wauw, she is so pretty! Her outfit is amazing! ♥

  15. JamJammieJam

    Shoes remind me of a magical girl. I want a pair. So cute.

  16. I want those shoes! I love Vivienne Westwood and L’arc~en~ciel! We could be friends! haha

  17. I’m in love with the skirt, I wish there was a better view of it as a whole. I also really love the armor ring, I wish I could find one like it in the states T.T. Her style looks great without being too over the top and looks very wearable but still stands out. oh and I’m also an adoring fan of L’Arc -en-Ciel :D