Vivienne Westwood vs. Spank! & Kinsella

We met these two high school students in Harajuku and liked their sense of humor. Yume, the girl on the left with long bangs and odango buns, is wearing a blue San Antonio, Texas sweatshirt and black pants from a resale shop. Around her neck is a collar made from fake fur and fabric scraps and she’s wearing a Teletubbies backpack.

Yume’s shoes are the Vivienne Westwood x Melissa Wing sandals in black. She’s also wearing a Killers wristband with long spikes and a Vivienne Westwood Armour ring.

Yume’s friend Mer is also wearing odango buns in her hair. Her black kitty print t-shirt is from Spank! (her favorite shop). She’s carrying a fabric bag from Kinsella and wearing black tights from Kinji.
Vivienne Westwood & Teletubbies vs. Spank! & Kinsella

Long bangs & handmade collar

Teletubbies backpack

Killers spiked wristband

Vivienne Westwood x Melissa Wing sandals

Spank! kitty shirt & odango buns

Kinsella fabric bag

Black tights, ankle socks & sneakers

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  1. those winged shoes and armored ring. totally awesome!!!! and so want the cat shirt

  2. Those winged shoes are everywhere! But the armored ring, definitely cool
    ( * o * ) Not liking the teletubbies bag though, they freak me out..

  3. Amazing. I always wanted this shoes from vivienne westwood….

  4. if i went to there school… i would want to be there friends :P