Wanting Collection Emily in Harajuku w/ Colorful Street Style, Tokone, ChihiroHasunuma & Takahashi Hiroyuki-Mitsume

While out walking the streets of Harajuku, we came across Emily, the owner of Wanting Collection, a fun and quirky online shop and brick-and-mortar store in Sydney, Australia.

Sporting a peachy fringed bob, Emily is dressed in a red Mickey Mouse Gang chiffon tiered dress from Tokone, which she donned over a red gingham print long sleeve shirt from Chihiro Hasunuma An/Eddy. She topped her layers with a remake pink crochet top with blue and yellow shoulder straps, slipped into blue manga print tights by Japanese artist Takahashi Hiroyuki-Mitsume, and pink Nike sneakers. Emily completed her interesting style with silver rings and a striped wicker tote bag with colorful pom pom tassels that she bought in Thailand.

For more on Emily, follow her on Instagram and her official website.

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