Watermelon Bag vs. Animal Print Parasol

A cute Japanese girl and guy on Cat Street in Harajuku. The girl is carrying an animal print parasol, and wearing a tank top, a black skirt, and brown lace-up knee high boots. Her skirt is belted with a wide belt tied in the front and the outfit is topped off with a straw hat. She is also carrying a shopping bag from the Japanese brand Cher, as well as one from See by Chloe. The guy beside her has a bag that looks like a watermelon slice, and is wearing a New Balance shirt, gray shorts, black socks, and classic white Vans slip-ons. He tops his outfit off with a black fedora hat and glasses.

Japanese Watermelon Bag

You can click the photo to enlarge it.

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  1. hehe I have a “girls’ version” of that watermelon bag, bought it 2 days ago at H&M, it’s brand new at the stores^^ it doesn’t look as realistic as that watermelonbag cause that one looks like a photo, but it’s so cute!

  2. Really I can’t find a plastic watermelon bag like that anywhere. Where exactly did you get yours because I’m dying to get one.

  3. hola
    saben al ver estas fotos me da alegria de que todavia a personas que les ggusta y se sienten relajados con su vestuario, es agradable salir a una fiesta o reunion comodo y poder relajarse con sus amigos.


  4. i love the watermelon bag!!!! <3 i know they used to sell it in a russian online shop but they don't have it anymore :(, could anyone tell me where to buy this bag in Japan? or any other place…