Wego, Wonder Rocket & Emon

Mukaide is a 19-year-old model who’s wearing one of the large hair buns that are popular in Harajuku. Her stylish outfit is courtesy of a white shirt from Wego, a black top trimmed with white lace from Wonder Rocket and a white chiffon skirt, also from Wonder Rocket.

Makaide is wearing black high-heeled Mary Jane shoes tied with black velvet ribbons and cuffed white socks from Emon. She’s carrying a black and white backpack from Wego and has accessorized her outfit with a double-strand black jet necklace.

Makaide’s favorite music is by Bigmama, Supercell and Champagne (the indie J-Rock band). You can see more of her photos on her website.
Wego, Wonder Rocket & Emon

Wonder Rocket black & white lace top

Black & white Wego backpack

Japanese big hair bun

Emon cuffed socks & Mary Jane shoes

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  1. Dominique

    very cute. She puleed everything off really well.

  2. wow I’ve never seen a hair bun this large before, this rocks! :D
    also, I want her shoes. The outfit itself looks a bit odd on her, but maybe it’s just the pose. she’s super cute still. <3

  3. I love that skirt!! And that hair!! :D

    Very cute! I’m not a huge fan of b/w outfits usually.. but this one rocks. <3

  4. OMG soooo cute! *_* Not feeling the skirt that much but the jacket and her shoes are just awesome, also her hair looks great!

  5. Monochrome!

    I really love her hair too and the fact she’s wearing minimal make up.