Wooden Cross Necklace, Saints Bracelet & Batman in Shinjuku

Here’s a blonde 19-year-old student that we met in Shinjuku. She told us that her name is “MRK”, which is not a common Japanese name.

MRK is wearing a long black hoodie over a Batman t-shirt and a colorful floral-print tiered skirt, all of which she purchased at various Tokyo resale shops. She also wearing Converse high top sneakers with black stockings and sunglasses. Her other accessories include a red wooden cross necklace from Nadia, a Catholic saints bracelet from 44 (not sure if she meant No 44 in Harajuku or another shop), and headphones.

MRK told us that her favorite shops are G2? and Nadia and her favorite band is Orange Range.

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. Im loving it. I have the feeling I’ve seen a cross exactly like that before, maybe another Nadia fan!

  2. tokyo

    Natsu – we’ve also seen a lot of those red crosses from the Japanese brand TutuHA! :-)

  3. She looks super cool *-*
    Obviously that’s not her name n_n”

  4. Love it the way she don hoodie on~~ >>333 +
    maybe a colourful stocking or printed ones with shorts may bring out another look!! N give shockness too 


    I hate her posture, and she should’ve tied her shoes, that would look better. But I like her look!

  6. I think everyone want a t-shirt like that…. I love the way she uses religion as a fashion accessory, her name is out of this world I guess, well she really doesn’t know how to pose for a shot but I assume that she doesn’t care about those things…

  7. I have the exact same bracelet! But I’d love to have the necklace she’s wearing, I’ve seen identical ones on a few other street snaps.