World’s Cutest Rush Fan in Harajuku

This amazingly cute blonde-ish Japanese girl was photographed on Cat Street in the Ura-Hara area of Harajuku. She is wearing a vintage / torn Rush concert t-shirt, a black skirt, striped tube socks, and Vans sneakers. She also has a bandana tied into a bow in her hair and she’s wearing a backpack. Her phone strap is by the fashion brand X-Girl.

Harajuku Girl in Rush T-Shirt

Cute Girl in Harajuku

Click the top photo to see a larger version.

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  1. This girl is soooo cute! She would be my girl of choice..she is wearing a RUSH t shirt, which is one of my favorite bands…and I am a drummer from the U.S. I would love to go to Japan soon. Please visit my youyube channel and watch some good music. Arigato !!!!!!!!!! ^_^