X-Girl Color Blocked Vest vs. Yeah Right!! Parka & Embroidered Shirt

Here’s an eclectic couple that we met in Harajuku. The guy on the right is Yamazaki, a 32-year-old company employee. He’s wearing a parka with fur trim and leather sleeves over drop-crotch khaki shorts (both items are from Yeah Right!!). He’s also wearing a cool shirt embroidered with flowers (he unfortunately didn’t mention where he got it).

Yamazaki’s dotted shoes are from Tokyo Bopper. His accessories, which are a mix of handmade items and items from Taboo and S. Nakaba, include plush animal-print fingerless gloves, an embroidered coin purse, a felt cigarette pack on his parka, a striped plush hat and several buttons and small toys on his JanSport backpack (which is from Yeah Right!!). He’s also wearing some stylish metal rings.

The girl on the left is Ito, a 30-year-old furita. She’s wearing a color blocked vest from X-Girl with a light blue denim skirt from a used clothing store. She’s also wearing patterned socks and Tokyo Bopper shoes. Her accessories from the flea market and other shops include a black fringe scarf, a silver ring, a gold ring with a dramatic mask and some small toys hanging from her cross body bag.

When we asked the couple about their favorite music, Yamazaki said he likes The Bawdies.

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  1. nice looks ^^ but i must say that this girl is so pretty ♥ ! and i like her ring with mask.

  2. omg.
    i frigggin love dat guy’s outfitt!!!!
    and dat jabbawokeez kinda ring is cooooool toooo~~~