XLarge, UT, & Mountain Dew in Harajuku

This charismatic Japanese guy and girl posed for our photo on Cat Street in Harajuku. The guy was a lot of fun – and a big fan of Mountain Dew. He is wearing a UT x Modular Records t-shirt, baggy XLarge pants with a studded belt, and Nike sneakers. The cute girl with him is wearing a knit hat, plaid sweater, denim short shorts, and black boots. If you look at the closeup picture, you can see that the guy has several ear piercing in which he’s wearing large (heavy looking) hoops.

XLarge Guy and Cute Girl

Mountain Dew in Japan

Click either photo to enlarge it.

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  1. aihvhieeh

    mountain dew… serve it very cold for me… i adore her blue stripes..