Yoda Backpack, Crop Top, Platform Sandals & Nose Ring in Harajuku

Akika & Kiyoka are two friendly 18-year-old girls who caught our eye near the LaForet Department store in Harajuku.

Kiyoka – on the left with a short hairstyle, nose ring, and bindi – is wearing a resale Hawaiian shirt over a resale skirt, “Beer” socks, and WEGO Harajuku platform sandals with clear straps. Accessories – some of which came from Pin Nap and Bubbles – include an eye necklace, hologram sunglasses, a bracelet, and a YODA backpack which she picked up at Disneyland. Kiyoka’s favorite places to shop are both Harajuku resale boutiques – Bubbles and Pin Nap.

Akika – on the right with auburn hair – is wearing a sheer black top from Nadia Harajuku over a neon crop tank top, a black H&M mini skirt, “Genius” socks, and WEGO platform sandals. Her quilted purse is from Forever21. Akika told us that Nadia Harajuku is her favorite shop.

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  1. ღAkyღ

    The YODA backpack and the “Beer” socks are the cream of Kiyoka’s outfit.

  2. I’m not a fan of the nose ring, but I love the Yoda backpack! Akika is super cute too. I wonder why she’s covering her face on the close up though…

  3. Brandon Frye

    Fancying the girl on the left.. Shirt, Beer & Yoda,