Yu by Jalan Jalan, Christopher Nemeth, Junya Watanabe & CA4LA Fashion in Harajuku

We met Hatty (an office worker) and Mitsu (a shop staff) on the street in Harajuku. Their dark dark minimalist styles caught our eye immediately.

Hatty – on the left – is wearing a tied asymmetrical jacket from Yu by Jalan Jalan over a Sense of Place top, wide leg pants from Comme Des Garcons designer Junya Watanabe and George Cox black leather boots. Accessories include jewelry from Vivienne Westwood and Yoshiko Creation, and beret by the Japanese brand CA4LA, and an IKEA sling bag. Hatty’s favorite brand is Yu by Jalan Jalan and he likes the music of Passepied.

Mitsu is wearing a long black coat over a long white top and maxi-skirt all from Yu by Jalan Jalan with silver shoes. Her tote bag is by legendary Harajuku designer Christopher Nemeth. Accessories include a two-tone beret, a silver wire necklace, a finger tip ring, and a Vivienne Westwood armor ring. Her favorite fashion brand is also Yu by Jalan Jalan and she too likes the music of Passepied

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