Zaorick Mochasse Platforms & Backpack + Hiro Sneakers in Harajuku

Here’s a fun couple who we spotted right in front of LaForet Harajuku. They’re both cool, but the girl really amazed us. She’s wearing several one-of-a-kind Zaorick Mochasse items. We see people wearing Zaorick accessories occasionally in Harajuku, but very rarely on this scale.

Her outfit features a black top, a hot pink tulle skirt, and must-see Zaorick Mochasse platform shoes. Accessories include a fantastic Zaorick handmade backpack, a Zaorick earring, and a Zaorick hair clip.

His outfit features a “Vanitas” graphic top, spiderweb-print shorts, and Hiro high top sneakers. His accessories include an Alice Black silver skull necklace and a bracelet with skulls.

Click on any street snap to enlarge it.

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  1. Wow, those shoes are beautiful, but can she walk in them? I know I’d trip and accidentally kill myself. ^^’ Maybe I’ll just go with the backpack…

  2. Her look is different, her shoes and backpack are awesome!^?^