This is Pi-chi, a Harajuku girl who works in apparel. She styled her hair cutely with twin tails, with bangs.

Pi-chi’s sleeveless customized ZZ Top tank is Nadia Harajuku resale, and she paired it with a Kawi Jamele plaid suspender skirt. Her heart-shaped necklace is Forever21, the watch is Kitson, her bracelet and ring are by Justin Davis, and her sunglasses come from Spinns. She is also wearing a resale backpack and Nadia creepers, paired with fishnet socks.

Pi-chi told us that she likes shopping from Bubbles Harajuku and Romantic Standard, and that she’s a fan of J-Pop singer Utada Hikaru. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram for more updates.

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  1. maybe if the shirt was a solid black then in my opinion it would look even cuter

  2. Cool Look! I used to dress up like this when I was in high school… I kinda miss it :)

  3. cuidadanodelmundo

    wow que linda ahora es mi fondo de pantalla :3 enamorado total <3