Here is another stylish couple that we met in Harajuku. On the right is Kenta, a columnist who has put together a vintage look from resale shops. He’s wearing a brocade vest over a white shirt and mesh top with black trousers and black boots.

The girl on the left with long bangs is Akimi, who works as a shoe store staff member. She’s wearing a black hoodie over a graphic top and a long print skirt from a resale shop. Her black shoes are also from a resale store.

Akimi’s unqiue handbag for the Harajuku G2! shop is made from a vintage vinyl record album by pianist Roger Williams. She told us her favorite music is actually by the band Burger Nuds.
G2! Record Bag & Vintage Brocade Vest

Vintage brocade vest & net top

Tuxedo pants & black boots

Black hoodie & graphic top

G2! handbag made from vinyl record

Resale shoes with decorative designs

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  1. The girl looks so cute :D
    I wished I could see her hair better because I think we have the same hairstyle :D

  2. Nice record bag and her dress…Harmonious couple ^^

  3. imsoawesome

    The dudes at the back is awesome!
    Btw, love the record bag. Looks cool!! <3

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