Vintage Street Style Japanese Couple in Harajuku

Here’s a ridiculously cool Japanese couple that we ran into on the street in Harajuku. If you are a follower of Tokyo’s fashion party scene, you’ve likely seen pictures of both of these stylish characters many times. We’ve also photographed them previously in Harajuku. Their look on this day reminded us of vintage (1940s?) American gangster fashion.

On the left – with the great blonde bob hairstyle – is Akimi. She’s wearing a black coat that she purchased resale over a black dress with a white frilly neck, black stockings, and vintage-looking black scale (alligator, lizard?) shoes. Her leather clutch also looks vintage. On the right is Kenta. He’s wearing a blue felt fedora, a blue corduroy jacket, a white dress shirt, blue pinstriped pants, and two-tone leather shoes that he bought at a flea market.

As mentioned, Akimi & Kenta are well known in the Tokyo party scene. If you’d like to know more about them, you can follow Akimi’s Twitter.

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. Crystal Thérèse

    Her pout is awesome, their style is classic. I love it.