Here’s another couple whose style of attire is unique to the streets of Harajuku.

The guy on the left with multiple ear and face piercings is 22-year-old Keisuke, who describes himself as a “salary man.” He’s wearing an asymmetrical black jacket from Romantic Standard over a white shirt and black t-shirt. He’s also wearing voluminous drop-crotch gray pants (known as sarueru in Japan) and, most eye-catching of all, mismatched polka dot socks and colorful shoes from Ghost by Yosuke.

Besides his piercings, Keisuke’s accessories include a handcuff bracelet, a watch with complications (small dials that perform additional functions on the face) and a black leather satchel.

The friendly girl on the right with long auburn hair is Tomomi, a 22-year-old furita. Her outfit, which has dolly-kei or mori girl elements, includes a white lace-trimmed blouse and a tiered white skirt worn with white tights that are embellished with flowers. Her cute shoes are tan oxfords with lace and topstitched detail. Accessories include two small silver rings and a flowered band in her hair. She didn’t share details about where the pieces in her outfit are from.
Guy with Sarueru & Piercings w/ Girl in Fairy-Kei Dress

Asymmetrical Romantic Standard jacket

Japanese guy with face piercings

Handcuff bracelet & watch with complications

Leather satchel in Harajuku

Mismatched Ghost by Yosuke shoes

Japanese girl with fairy-kei style

Flowered hairband in Harajuku

Small silver rings

Harajuku oxfords embellished with lace & topstiching

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  1. why do the girls always wear way too much blush?

  2. what a lovely couple! ♥ love the outfits and this girl has a doll face ^o^

  3. oh my!!!!! the guy is so stylish!!!! and I’m sooo envious of the coat the girl is wearing!! They match perfectly! cool couple!

  4. adorable couple :D notice how the people in the background look.
    Just aaaamazing ouftit ^^

  5. They make the perfect couple ;P
    I love Keisuke’s style. SOO unique! <3 2 different shoes! wow!
    Never seen anyone do that befour.
    TOo bad I dont live in Tokyo. If I were to dress "funky" in my town, I would probably get beat up. x_x
    lmfao xD Payyyce <3<3