This is Rie, a salon staffer. Her fur jacket from 2000000fragments caught our eye, along with her white lace tights worn with blue American Apparel shorts. Rie is carrying a cute bag printed with cherries from Sonia Rykiel. Her shoes look like they might be Converse high tops.

We asked about her favorite fashion brands / shops and she said Cannabus and Berberjin. She also told us her favorite band is The Cramps.
Blonde hair & 2000000fragments fur jacket

2000000fragments fur jacket

Sonia Rykiel cherry-print bag

Lace stockings & hightop sneakers

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  1. jessieeee

    I want to know what salon she works at–cuz I want my hair to be superrrrrr blonde like hers.

  2. If that’s real fur it should be condemned not praised :-( how would a human like me to rip their skin off while they’re still alive and make a coat out of them? I love fashion I studied it at uni and I want a career in the industry either as a stylist or designer but never ever will fur be a material, it will never be accepted, it is disgusting and people should be locked up for supporting what is essentially MURDER.

  3. How do you know she’s transsexual? And who cares anyway? I hope her coat is faux fur.

  4. I think it is faux fur because the hair looks thicker then normal hair, usually that’s a sign of faux fur, but it also could be a really thick haired fox…

    Still.. love the tights.

  5. transsexual” what? lol!!!!!!!!!

    that furs real!

  6. There’s no need to go crazy if her jacket is real fur or not. I think it’s faux fur anyway. Besides it annoys me when people get all bent up over a fur coat. Don’t like it, don’t look at it.

  7. mikkidoll

    ey pixie…if fur isnt a did humans live through the ice age? they sure as hell didnt wear polyester….just saying…. and if u did go to school for fashion youd know that animal skins and hairs are the most saught after material. hello leather and suede…

  8. i like you mikkidoll. speak the truth! all i want to say is that her jacket looks hella cool. if you losers have a problem about skinning animals for their fur then fricken make a difference in the real world instead of ranting about it on fashion websites because, truth is, you’re gonna lose.

  9. Madonna Lily

    real or not…I do not like her outfit

  10. I’m absolutely loving this outfit. I love the fur jacket and the bag the most.

  11. candychery

    shame on her, wearing real fur, so so so so has been….. OMFG she’s leaving in middle-age!!!