Tokyo Girls Collection 2013 Spring/Summer – 400+ Japanese Fashion Show Pictures

Tokyo Girls Collection Spring/Summer 2013 was held in Tokyo this week. Over 30,000 young Japanese women converged on Harajuku for the 16th edition of Japan’s most famous one-day fashion event. Where traditional fashion shows focus on what’s coming to stores next season, next year, or never, Tokyo Girls Collection presents exactly what’s trendy on the Japanese street today, and allows attendees to instantly buy most everything they see on the runway. In addition to the fashion, TGC features celebrity appearances, performances by top Japanese musical groups, and more. Countless similar events have followed in their footsteps over the years, but there is still only one Japanese fashion show that is a do-not-miss for young trendy women all over Japan – Tokyo Girls Collection!

Like fashion trends, the brands showing at Tokyo Girls Collection change with each season. For Spring/Summer 2013, some of the popular brands returning from TGC 2012 A/W include Liz Lisa, Bonica Dot, Lands of Eden, The Shel’tter, and Avail. This season’s music line-up featured M-Flo, Kana Nishino, Ai, Namie Amuro (sadly, we weren’t allowed to photograph her performance), Generations from Exile Tribe, and more. One of the things which makes TGC famous is that most of Japan’s top magazine models of the moment walk in one show or another. We’re sure you’ll recognize many faces – including Tsubasa Masuwaka, Ashley, Elli-Rose, Jillian Kate, Anna Tsuchiya, Lena Fujii, Mona, Yu Yamada, Yuko Ogura, Suzanne, and even the one-and-only Aya Sugimoto.

Fashion trends apparent at this season’s Tokyo Girls Collection included wide vertical black-and-white stripes (on pants and skirts especially), the traditional Spring floral patterns and colors, high-waisted short shorts, platform heels, and skinny pants (including patterned, denim, and capris). We brought back over 400 exclusive pictures of the show to share with you, so please have a look and let us know what other trends you notice that we may have missed. Also, check out our 100 street snaps from Tokyo Girls Collection where we show you what attendees were wearing.

Enjoy Tokyo Girls Collection Spring/Summer 2013! Remember, you can click on any of the photos to see them in beautiful high resolution!

YU-A at Tokyo Girls Collection


Tokyo Girls Collection 2013 Spring/Summer Special Collection


Fashion Festa at Tokyo Girls Collection


Lip Service at Tokyo Girls Collection


Liz Lisa at Tokyo Girls Collection


Duras at Tokyo Girls Collection


Sly Lang at Tokyo Girls Collection


Sorridere at Tokyo Girls Collection


Roen for Dazzy at Tokyo Girls Collection


Shima x Sly Lang at Tokyo Girls Collection


Dream5 at Tokyo Girls Collection


Good Day Young at Tokyo Girls Collection


Kana Nishino at Tokyo Girls Collection


Tokyo 2020 Olympics Bid at Tokyo Girls Collection


2% Tokyo at Tokyo Girls Collection


DE TER NL at Tokyo Girls Collection


My Favorite TIARA at Tokyo Girls Collection


Rodeo Crowns at Tokyo Girls Collection


R no Housoku at Tokyo Girls Collection


Moist Diane at Tokyo Girls Collection


Avail Casual & Shoes at Tokyo Girls Collection


Prisila Wigs at Tokyo Girls Collection


GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE at Tokyo Girls Collection


Sumire x Slim Beauty House at Tokyo Girls Collection


The Shel’tter Tokyo at Tokyo Girls Collection


Limited Edition Vivayou at Tokyo Girls Collection


Actus Colors at Tokyo Girls Collection


10piki no Kobuta chan at Tokyo Girls Collection


Kose at Tokyo Girls Collection


WWD Japan Collection at Tokyo Girls Collection


Bonica Dot at Tokyo Girls Collection


Lands of Eden at Tokyo Girls Collection


M-Flo (w/ Ms OOJA) at Tokyo Girls Collection


AI at Tokyo Girls Collection


Tokyo Girls Collection Grand Finale


Also, don’t miss our TGC street snaps for attendee fashion trends!

A big “Thank You!” to the organizers of TGC for inviting us to cover their exciting event once again this season. For more info on Tokyo Girls Collection, and dates of the next show, check out the official website.


All photos by Michael.

About the photographer:
Michael Steinebach has been fortunate enough to travel and see the world. Exposed to the limitless possibilities of photography 20 years ago, he grew up looking at things differently. He currently shoots in the areas of people, fashion, and news photography in Japan. He maintains a Facebook page with samples of his work. He can be emailed about contract work or with questions or comments on his photography.


  1. 1.

    Panda29 (March 8, 2013)

    WOW! What a great fashion show! I love the beautiful outfits the girls are wearing, looks stunning with everyone wearing such unique styles :)

  2. 2.

    ali (March 9, 2013)

    I think last year’s TGC was a lot better! (doesn’t mean I don’t like this one!)

  3. 3.

    Sam (March 9, 2013)

    Naomi Watanabe at the end of the Sorridere photos! She’s so cute :>

  4. 4.

    Galini (March 9, 2013)

    Glad to see that the models are not ultra-skinny! Amazing show and amazing colours indeed!

  5. 5.

    Silje Nikolina (March 13, 2013)

    Amazing! I love the style and colors, it gave me a real summer vibe ^^

  6. 6.

    NaT (March 28, 2013)

    Always a spectacular! One day! Thanks!

  7. 7.

    anrimf (May 8, 2013)

    I’m from America, and seeing these from tokyo have given me great impression that the designers are capturing the inspiration of modern culture. I also enjoy a awakening of summer and spring from all of the collections. Thanks for a awakening collection.

  8. 8.

    Bubbles (July 14, 2013)

    Woah, its so colourful and lively! The models look so healthy and happy! If only we had fashion events like this in Canada, I would definitely go.

  9. 9.

    Yuuki (March 1, 2014)

    you guys aren’t covering TGC anymore? :( i dont see TGC 2013 A/W here and TGC 2014 S/S is today too

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