101 Dalmatians T-Shirt, Strawberry Skirt & “Kawaii” Bag in Harajuku

Meet Sayamo, a 19-year-old student with a cute bob hairstyle and round glasses.

When we saw her in Harajuku, she was wearing a 101 Dalmatians t-shirt from the resale shop Panama Boy with a strawberry print skirt from Cotton Candy. Her backpack is from Muji, and it features several pins. She is also wearing a tote bag that reads “kawaii!!”, Nincompoop Capacity over-the-knee socks and New Balance sneakers from Pin Nap Harajuku. She told us her accessories are from Disney, WEGO and Itazura, and we noticed a hair pin, a Sailor Moon ring, and a jeweled bow ring.

Sayamo’s favorite places to shop are Itazura and Wagado, and her favorite singer is Miliyah Kato. You can find her on both Twitter and Instagram for updates.

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