4jigeN Fashion Designer Kouhei w/ Hi-Top Fade Hairstyle in Harajuku

Here’s a cool 21-year-old Japanese guy named Kouhei who we met in Harajuku. The first thing that caught our attention when we spotted him was – obviously – his awesome hi-top fade hairstyle. Kouhei is the designer for the Japanese streetwear brand 4jigeN, which is carried by the uber-hip LaForet Harajuku shop H>Fractal.

Kouhei is wearing a jacket that combines elements of a leather motorcycle jacket with those of a warm Moncler-type winter jacket, a long hoodie, a blue camouflage wrap over jeans, and black leather boots. Accessories include sunglasses, a triangle earring, fingerless gloves, and a large MCM leather bag. If you’d like to know more about Kouhei or the 4jigeN fashion brand, check out his blog!

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  1. wah !! that triangle earring !!
    I’ve been seeing it everywhere lately !

  2. love everything, except the bag with the outfit. Very fun. :)