6%DOKIDOKI Hoodie w/ Broken Doll, Galaxxxy & Glad News in Harajuku

Yuriko Tiger is an Italian cosplayer and Japanese fashion lover who we’ve seen around Harajuku quite a bit recently. She is 19 years old and a student – you can look her up on Facebook or Twitter.

Yuriko is wearing a Banana Fish jacket over a polka dot hoodie from 6%DOKIDOKI and a graphic t-shirt. Her skirt is also from 6%DOKIDOKI and her colorful tights are by Peace Now. Her accessories – from Broken Doll, Galaxxxy and handmade – include flower embellished sunglasses, oversized pins, a glasses necklace, a doll necklace, a skull necklace, cat rings, a heart ring and a wings ring. Yuriko’s faux-fur backpack is from Shibuya109, embellished with pins and key chains. Her wings platforms were also bought from Shibuya109, and they’re from the Japanese brand Glad News.

Yuriko told us she likes shopping at 6%DOKIDOKI and Broken Doll, and also that her favorite singer is Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.

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  1. Ah I think you wrote it wrong, the skirt is peace now and the tights dokidoki. But it’s a very cute outfit <3

  2. SayuriNekoDoll

    I absolutely love her style!! She’s fantastic!!

  3. does anyone know which brand her skirt is from?

  4. She looks like an anime character,
    very lovely! <3

  5. She’s so cute ; 3; I totally forgive you guys for not photographing me now XD
    *i need to find a way of being in the right place at the right time…*

  6. Bunnybombs

    Great fashion I especially love the 6%dokidoki button

  7. ジェイド


  8. so cute!! I really want her madoka magica pin though. and her shoes and everything.

  9. It’s a pretty outfit for a rave maybe, but when it comes to real fashion it’s just not working. She did not accent her outfit well and she doesn’t seem to be putting her heart into it. She just seems like she is trying to hard to act “unique”.