6%DOKIDOKI Pegasus Jacket, Twin Tails & Nadia Harajuku Hologram Platforms

Masumi is a street snap model and aspiring singer with long blonde twin tails who we met on Cat Street in Harajuku.

Masumi’s look features a 6%DOKIDOKI pegasus jacket over a super colorful graphic top she bought in Harajuku, a heart-print skirt she bought in Shimokitazawa, a pastel lace choker, polka dot tights, and hologram platforms from Nadia Harajuku. Her quilted backpack is by the Japanese brand Samantha Vega.

Masumi’s favorite brands include 6%DOKIDOKI and Nadia Harajuku. She enjoys the music of Sotaisei Riron. For more info on Masumi, follow her on Twitter.

Update: Readers informed us that the shirt in this snap features the artwork of saccstry and the design is not authorized. If you like the shirt, please don’t buy it, but check the artist’s official web shop for authorized pieces instead.

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  1. I was about to buy that shirt actually haha. I might wear that in Japan where people may not care about the meaning… too mamy pervs here lol “clothes off” I don’t want to deal with responding to that… Anyway, she looks adorable! I loooove her hair~

  2. FluffySpaceKitten

    Sad that she’s wearing a shirt with stolen artwork on it. It’s still a very cute outfit though!
    If anyone wants to know, the original artist is saccstry.tumblr.com.