ACDC Rag Furry Pastel Jacket in Harajuku w/ Twin Buns, Rabbit Mask, Plushies, No Camera Perler Bead Necklace, Kawaii Print T-Shirt, EL Rodeo Smiley Pants, Daiso & Metallic Platform Sneakers

Sporting an eye-catching kawaii streetwear look in Harajuku after dark is Purinchan, a Japanese idol (her group is Rainbow Panic) and popular figure in the Tokyo kawaii fashion scene.

Purinchan stepped out in a rainbow pastel furry jacket from ACDC Rag, worn over a kawaii print t-shirt, also from ACDC Rag. She also wore tie-dyed cropped pants with smiley face prints from EL Rodeo and stepped into metallic silver platform sneakers from ACDC Rag to finish off her style. Purinchan topped off her colorful look with accessories including multiple decora hair clips, a rabbit face mask, a furry purple neck warmer, a No-Camera perler bead necklace with multicolored chains and a long checkered belt. Some of her accessories are handmade by Natti while some are from Daiso. She is also carrying a resale gold chain strap plushie bag with a couple of plushie keychains. In addition, she is also toting a cream-colored puppy head plushie.

Japanese kawaii brand, 6%DokiDoki, is Purinchan’s favorite, and she loves listening to the tunes of Daoko. For Purinchan’s social media updates, follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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