Alfredo Bannister Shoes & Joyrich Jacket

This blonde Japanese guy is a 22-year-old student that we met in Shinjuku. Kamikura is wearing Pledge jeans with a graphic print Joyrich jacket and a knit top from Oraqle. His cool silver high top shoes are made by Alfredo Bannister.

Kamikura told us his favorite brand is Ato and his favorite band is The Pillows.
Pledge jeans & Joyrich jacket

Blonde Japanese guy in Joyrich jacket

Alfredo Bannister shoes & Pledge jeans

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  1. I love his whole outfit :)
    I rarely like that colour of denim, but it works with the distressed look very well =3

  2. whooo – this jacket is so crazy! love it! i usually hate outfits with too many colorful and patterned things at once but this time i really like his looks! it makes ‘something’ with very nice feeling in it ^^