Alice Black Designer w/ Dripping Sunglasses & Silver Skulls Jewelry in Harajuku

Norimi, the designer of the punk-inspired silver accessory brand Alice Black, is someone we see around Harajuku often. Norimi’s company is one of the independent “from the streets, for the streets” Japanese fashion brands that helps keep the Tokyo scene unique.

When we spotted Norimi on Cat Street in Harajuku, he was wearing a black lace top over a polka dot shirt, a pleated black skirt with cuffed black pants, and cool dress shoes with gold safety pins. Accessories include his trademark dripping sunglasses, a zipper bracelet, and lots of Alice Black silver – featuring a skull and cross rings, a cross necklace, and a dangling skull earring.

For more information on Norimi, check out the official Alice Black website, or his personal Twitter. The most recent Alice Black collection, Pretty Vacant, was modeled by Aoi from our recent Harajuku street snap! One of his previous collection models was Hirari Ikeda.

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