American Apparel Maxi & Gingham Ruffle Necklace

This 18-year-old girl wearing a pink maxi skirt from American Apparel is Akari, a self-described furita (freelancer). Her large tote bag from Theatre Products immediately caught our eye. Her outfit also includes a white blouse with eyelet trim from Tarock with Ricco and a soft beige knit cami from Anti Past.

Akari is wearing tan socks and peep-toe red pumps with gold rosettes from a resale shop. Her accessories from Lamp Harajuku and other shops include a gold necklace with a small heart pendant and another necklace made from a red gingham ruffle. She told us her favorite fashion brands are American Apparel and Top Shop.
American Apparel Long Skirt & Gingham Ruffle Necklace

Red gingham ruffle necklace

Large Theatre Products tote bag

Peep-toe pumps from resale shop

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  1. no offense looks dismacthed. . . and eyebrows are suppose to be few tones darker than ur ahir not lighter :) so not too liking this

  2. Crystal Thérèse

    If you look back in history. Especially during the pin up era. Women would keep their eyebrows a shade or so lighter than their hair. The styles created here aren’t usually what is ‘normal’ or how it is ‘supposed to be’ it’s about self expression. Would I make my eyebrows that much lighter? Probably not, lol. Also her eyebrows match her cheeks. Which from far off looks very cohesive. It wouldn’t work with me. However, I am not entirely opposed to the outfit. Mismatched is not my problem with this outfit per se. More so that it hides her beauty by looking just a tad frumpy. IMO.

  3. i like how her cheeks match her eyebrows and hair. hopefully she doesnt do that look everyday thou…. :P