Joe is a stylish fashion designer from Taiwan who we met during one of her frequent visits to Tokyo. She is one of the founders the avant-garde fashion boutique AMPM Studio, and some of their pieces are carried by Dog Harajuku.

Joe’s hair is shaved on the sides, with short bangs, blue tips and a bandana from Damage. Her turtleneck is from American Apparel, worn with a printed skirt and jacket from Damage. Her spiked shoulder bag is from Ivory Jar and her flatforms are custom Nike Airforce. Her long earrings are also from Damage, and her sunglasses are iLiL. The black lipstick also makes an impact.

Find out more about Joe at the AMPM Studio website.


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  1. Brittany P. Jenkins

    I love this outfit completely and I tried to find the earrings to purchase from the AM PM Studio site, but the DAMAGE gallery isn’t working. Where can I buy these earrings?

  2. I love the earrings, they look like they’re photo shopped in there. She looks so intense.