Angelic Pretty Sweet Lolita Style x Ghostbusters, ManiaQ Skirt & RobotLuv Sneakers in Harajuku

We photographed these two colorful and friendly Japanese girls on the street in Harajuku.

On the left, 18-year-old Yukihime is wearing an all pink and white Sweet Lolita outfit from the popular-in-Harajuku Japanese fashion brand Angelic Pretty. Yukihime’s outfit consists of a large Angelic Pretty hair bow, a cute Angelic Pretty cardigan sweater, an Angelic Pretty dress, pink tights, and pink shoes with large bows. Her pink handbag is also by Angelic Pretty. The entire outfit is topped off with a big smile! Besides Angelic Pretty, she told us that her favorite fashion brands also include Baby the Stars Shine Bright and Emily Temple Cute.

On the right is the also-smiley “Red”. She is 17 years old and a student. Her outfit consists of a Ghostbusters hoodie from H&M, a tulle skirt from the Takeshita Dori-based brand ManiaQ, mixed-pattern tights, and sneakers from RobotLuv x Palmer. Her accessories – including two pairs of lensless glasses, colorful jewelry, a watch, an illustrated backpack, and various dangling charms and toys – are mostly from the resale/discount shops Sevens and Thank You Mart. Red told us that her favorite fashion brand is Galaxxxy and her favorite band is Uverworld.

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  1. AH-MAZING! I love them both! They are both so cute!

  2. Good to see some colorfulness! They both look cute :)

  3. Lolita! YAY
    You should take more street snaps of lolita, my favourite style!

  4. The first one is super cute, the second is super cool! XD They both are amazing, though~ I want to see more lolita, :D

  5. Stephanie D. Brown

    the girl with the ghostbusters sweater rocks!

  6. thereis something strange in the neighborhood.who you gonna call?…