Antique Tunic & Rosary Necklace vs. Baby the Stars Shine Bright & Innocent World

Here’s one of the more unique couples that we’ve seen recently in Harajuku. The stylish guy on the right with wire-rimmed glasses is a 21-year student. His long white tunic and black-trimmed white pants are antique. His accessories, including a rosary bead necklace, a small vintage watch on a chain and a ruby pendant necklace, are also antique. He’s also wearing two chain bracelets (one with a skeleton charm) and a leather wristband with a silver medallion. His black-and-white shoes are Dr. Martens and he’s carrying a black leather Coach bag.

On the left is Akemi, who’s 24 and works in sales. Her outfit includes a black cropped sweater from Baby the Stars Shine Bright over a lace-trimmed heart-print dress from Innocent World. She’s also wearing Dr. Martens Mary Jane shoes with cute black tights embroidered with white bows and flowers. Her black reptile-pattern purse with a large gold logo is from Vivienne Westwood. Her Grimoire accessories include pearl drop earrings, two vintage necklaces and a black bow in her hair.
Innocent World dress & Antique tunic

White tunic & rosary bead necklace

Black leather Coach bag

Skeleton charm bracelet

Antique pants & Dr. Martens shoes

Lace-trimmed Baby the Stars Shine Bright dress

Vivienne Westwood purse

Decorated tights & Dr. Martens Mary Jane shoes

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  1. love the Vivienne Westwood bag…. I love black and the whole outfit definitely works on her!
    Black n white rules.. power to you guys. :D

  2. She doesnt look like 24 yrs old at all…..maybe 34 but nice outfit!

  3. lol the guy in white looks like a ti-chi Buddhist monk! :D

  4. guy needs to loose the rosary and the I Pagaliacci pants……and his Mom.