AvantGarde Nalu in Bubbles Plaid, Jeffrey Campbell & Mean Kitten Accessories

Nalu caught our eye with her combination of stripes and plaid, as well as a great headpiece and purple highlights. She is 20 years old and works at AvantGarde Harajuku.

Nalu is wearing a black graphic t-shirt with a green striped skirt from the Harajuku resale boutique Bubbles and a red plaid coat from the same shop. She carries a small, blue clutch, and is wearing white peep-toe booties from Jeffrey Campbell with a sculptural wooden platform. Nalu’s accessories include Virgin Mary-print tights, a discreet horse and cross necklace, beads bracelets, thin rings and a watch. She told us she got some of her accessories at Lanie and others from Mean Kitten.

Her favorite brands/shops include Prada, AvantGarde and Bubbles, and she listens to Tokyo Incidents, Kaela Kimura and Katy Perry mostly. You can find out more about Nalu from her Twitter.

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  1. I like her shorts even though the don’t look very comfy

  2. It seems like Virgin Mary tights is the new trend in Harajuku :D
    Damn… why do these things only exist in Japan? x___x

  3. She pulls off that haircut better than anyone else I’ve seen!

  4. where did she get that necklace I want IT!!! it so pretty plz tell me?