Avantgarde Harajuku Harness, Blue Hair & Yosuke Platform Boots

Moriya Kuma is a friendly girl who we see around Harajuku often. She participates in many of the Harajuku-related fashion events and parties (including the recent Heavy Pop) as well.

In addition to her bright blue hair, Moriya Kuma is wearing a top from Spinns paired with a H&M mini skirt and a Topshop vest, all of which feature various prints. Accessories – some of which came from Avantgarde – include round sunglasses, a leather harness, plastic and leather bracelets. Her tote bag is Shibuya 109, and her buckled platform boots are Yosuke, worn with pink socks.

Moriya Kuma told us that Avantgarde Harajuku is her favorite shop, and that she’s a fan of One OK Rock. You can find her on Twitter as @moriya_kuma.

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  1. soo nice I almost can’t recognize that is moriya kuma – san

  2. goldenpoop

    When will awesome Japanese shoes be available in the UK?!

  3. BBaii-chan

    Ughh, she’s so beautiful and I want her pale skin and haircolor so bad (*>

  4. Verushka

    When will awesome Japanese shoes be avaliable in Russia ? – never m(-__-)m

  5. Everything about her – wow! Especially the hair color :)

  6. Gordon Tan

    She’s… she’s like a doll O.O Her choice of eyeshadow matches nicely with her outfit.

  7. so awesome ..!!
    I want my hair that colour ^_^

  8. wow she is so cool and beautiful i am so jealous