Harajuku Fashion Snaps & Music at Heavy Pop #11 – 75+ pics

“Heavy Pop” is a series of Harajuku-themed fashion and music party series produced by Japanese photographer Ray Ochiai. Heavy Pop #11 took place near the end of the summer at Hell’s Bar in Tokyo. In addition to hosting only the second official live show of Lisa 13’s metalcore band Heart Panic, the Heavy Pop entertainment roster was filled with familiar names from the Harajuku scene – from indie brands, to street snap personalities, to DJs, and more. This being a fashion-themed party, the crowd was wearing looks from lots of different Japanese street style subcultures including lolita, gothic, decora, shironuri, and fairy kei.

Harajuku Fashion Party Heavy Pop 11 (86)

The full lineup of this Heavy Pop party included:

  • Band: HEART PANIC (with Lisa 13)
  • DJ: RAVEMAN (Aural Vampire), TAk, Ray Trak, Kiko, TAk, DJ AKIRA, JoKEЯ (Joker), Tartare, Nano!, Bazookistan and Ai & Poti.
  • Digital painting: Tomororo.
  • Make-up booth: Fake-fantasy.
  • Popup shop: QnQa, Namekujisalt and Whoopingcough, Funnny, Broken Doll, Moriya Kuma, COSMICmagicals (cathyM73), Dollis, Umbrella, IChigoUsagiByou, weiβ&schwarz KURAU, Tomororo & Carlotta.
  • Party Producer: Ray Ochiai (with support from 763/Narumi).

Check out all of our pictures and fashion snaps from Heavy Pop!

Heavy Pop Harajuku Fashion Party Pictures

Click on any of the Harajuku fashion party pics to enlarge them!

A big thank you to Ray Ochiai and everyone who was nice enough to let us take their photo at Heavy Pop this time. If you’re going to be in Tokyo, check the Heavy Pop official website to see the upcoming event schedule. Hope to see you at Heavy Pop soon!


Photos by Daishi.

About the photographer:
Daishi Hamada is a Japanese photographer and musician who specializes in band photography in Tokyo. You can find out more about him and see more of his work at his official website.

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  2. I loved everyones outfits! it must have been so much fun! and lisa13 looked so pretty >/////<

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  4. Do you know if Namekujisalt and Whoopingcough have a website? Their tights were really great…

  5. how I wish there is more I want to do in Brazil? lisa and beautiful as always rocking with her hair pink and blue.