Baby the Stars Shine Bright Lolita Dress & Innocent World in Harajuku

Yuta is wearing a pastel Lolita outfit that caught our eye in Harajuku. Her long hair is tied in twin tails.

Yuta’s dress is from Baby the Stars Shine Bright, as is her cross body scallop bag. She is also wearing knee socks and a parasol from Innocent World, a handmade hand piece, bow heels, and a necklace that was a gift.

Yuta’s favorite shopping destinations are Baby The Stars Shine Bright and Victorian Maiden. She’s a fan of Mucc and Tohoshinki.

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  1. I love this girl already–not only is she gorgeous but her choice of favorite bands (swoon~)

  2. I just love how natural her hair and makeup are! You see that much too rarely in sweet Lolita. Why hide your natural beauty? :)