Banal Chic Bizarre, Candy Shibuya & Marc Jacobs

This super-stylish guy with blonde hair and a black cap is Choi, an 18-year-old student from Seoul, South Korea, who is studying in Japan. His outfit from Candy Shibuya includes a vintage jacket over vertically-striped pants (or leggings). His blue quilted bag is also from Candy. He’s decorated the bag with small toys, including Ernie from Sesame Street, and a small doll covered in what looks like plastic eyes.

Choi’s two-tone platform sneakers are from Banal Chic Bizarre. His accessories include a Marc Jacobs necklace, headphones, and a unique vintage ring that looks like a gift bow. There are buttons on his hat that look like they could be Christopher Nemeth designs, but he didn’t mention those so we can’t be sure. He told us his favorite fashion venues are Candy and Joyrich. Choi’s favorite music is by Take That and Capsule.

You can see more pictures on Choi’s Facebook page.

Candy, Banal Chic Bizarre & Marc Jacobs

Vintage jacket & Marc Jacobs necklace

Blonde hair & black cap

Quilted bag from Candy

Vintage gift bow ring

Banal Chic Bizarre platform sneakers

Sesame Street Ernie & small doll

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Note: These street snaps were taken before the big earthquake that hit Japan on March 11, 2011. Things are slowly getting back to normal in Harajuku, so we’re working on getting caught up on our street snap postings. Please consider supporting the earthquake relief efforts through one of these organizations.

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  1. Some of the elements in this outfit work for me (the hat the jacket, the trousers) but I’m not so keen on the shorts or the platform sneakers, Loveing the bag tho =P xxx

  2. Wow this is rather unique, and he is cute too :)

    The blonde hair really complements the jacket. everything looks rather casual and cool. Yokatta desu!

  3. I love his style !!! He has a nice face ! :p <3

  4. He has a beautiful skin too ! I wish there were guys like this in France…

  5. He has such nice skin! I love the bag and the bow ring.

  6. The shorts ruin everything :( but he’s cute though :D

  7. Elements of the outfit are really nice but they don’t
    look good all together like this.


  8. He really does have a nice skin, mine gets annoyingly dry in winter…damn…Anyways, I like the the hat and buttons, the Enrie doll…(it’s hilarious)…And well, it just looks like a fun outfit ^^