Banal Chic Bizarre Cartoon Dress & Headphones

This cute 19-year-old student named Yokouchi is a fan of Harajuku’s Banal Chic Bizarre (BCB). Her cartoon print dress is from BCB and her black and white shirt is from ADD – another favorite shop. She’s also wearing lavender thigh-high stockings with black Dr. Martens boots from a resale store. Her trendy haircut has violet highlights.

Yokouchi’s accessories include a Vivienne Westwood ashtray necklace. Her large bag from Lad Musician features a Fender logo and is adorned with stuffed animals and white headphones that she has decorated with several small toys.

These days Yokouchi enjoys listening to Poni-Camp.
Banal Chic Bizarre Cartoon Dress & Headphones in Harajuku

Necklace with Vivienne Westwood ashtray

Lad Musician bag with headphones and toys

Decorated headphones with hanging toys

Trendy haircut, violet highlights and ear studs

Lavendar stocking and Dr. Martens boots

Lad Musician bag with Fender logo

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  1. AAA i saw this girl at the page, seems i know that headphone haha, i love it!~ she’s so cute and her style attracts me~ x3
    nice dress~ xD xD

  2. I really like the stocking, so cute and dreamy! Her haircut is cool, and props for the VW portable ashtray. But the headphones… (苦笑

  3. She looks so awesome!
    I love her entire outfit!! :o
    The piercings must have hurt in those areas but they’re so cool!!

  4. ohh i remember this girl from an earlier post! her style is incredible ♥

  5. she rocked it.
    nice hair ,LOVE the headphones decoration…really creative with wires and the electric stuffs. one or her ear piercings looks painful….the one with the curve barbell.

  6. Missing Prince

    I remember this girl!!!
    I love love LOVE her style. She’s so creative :)

  7. Oh come on people….tell me you’ve seen scarier piercings than that…I know I have! :P At any rate…those headphones are totally rocking…and her lightening strike makes you wonder….Bowie fan? or Gaga fan? Both are cool! :D

  8. I remember your other picture of her :)
    I love her style

  9. very well done. Colourful and distracting. Each piece is pure art. Love that hair!

  10. ezra vilda

    Her style very amazing & adorable !!
    I love the way she put earring on her ear,very cool >.<