Barrack Room Top & Skirt w/ New York Joe Exchange Bag in Harajuku

Yukinko is a stylish Japanese girl who we have been street snapping in Harajuku for over a year now. She is 19 years old and a student.

Her unique sweater from Barrack Room features a smaller attached top. Her sheer mini skirt with artwork attached is from the same popular Tokyo boutique. Her white tote is New York Joe Exchange, and she’s also wearing a puffy earring with a face, cat socks, and white sneakers.

Yukinko mentioned that The Virgin Mary is her favorite shop, and that she’s on Twitter.

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  1. her outfit is really cute and i like her sneakers

  2. She is so pretty, like an elf! And I love her outfit!

  3. ♥Aky♥

    Cute outfit. It looks very nice and Yukinko is really pretty.

  4. She may just be the most gorgeous girl featured on this site! :O